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DUI Schools Altus Ok

DUI Schools in Altus OK

The famed comedy duo of Laurel and Hardy was known for a recurring joke when the portly Hardy would look at his tall skinny sidekick and mutter “Well, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” They even made a short movie titled Another Fine Mess in 1930. Whatever mess they were in they always managed to resolve it in about 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, when you get charged with a DUI it is “another fine mess” that will take much longer than a half hour to clean up. In the old days, a sympathetic cop might let you walk home or even let you continue to drive home if it was a short distance. Today, you will be arrested, booked and be made a “guest” at the local jail for a while.

If you are arrested for DUI schools in Altus OK, you will need to make two phone calls. One is to the towing company that hauled your car away and the second one will be to a DUI School like the Awesome DUI Clinic for alcohol and drug assessments and DUI classes in either town.

You may as well book a class before your court hearing to prove to the judge that you take the DUI charge seriously.

Tragedy and Consequences

The stricter laws concerning impaired drivers are partly credited to a lady named Candy Lightner whose 13-year-old daughter Cari was killed by a drunk driver in 1980. The tragedy led to Lightner founded Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). Today, first-time offenders usually spend the night in jail and are ordered to perform community service, undergo a drug and alcohol assessment and take DUI classes from a state certified school like Awesome DUI School.

Offenders can also lose their driving privileges and be forced to pay for alcohol detection systems that are installed in their vehicle. Add in the court costs, probation hearings and a DUI lawyer for a total of about $5000 for a first-time offender.

The most positive thing that can come out of a DUI charge is that you will be made aware of how alcohol works in your body and how it impairs your driving. You will learn the consequences of multiple DUI charges. If a minimum four-year sentence to maximum life imprisonment for DUI vehicular manslaughter does not deter you from driving under the influence, then you probably need the help of a qualified psychologist.

Meet Dr. Cone

Awesome DUI School was founded by Dr. Sherri Cone. She has a master’s degree in social work (MSW) and is a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor. Sherri is the author of The Christ Realignment Model that focuses on intervention and 2000-year-old biblical healing. Awesome DUI School serves Lawton and Altus, Oklahoma offering 10- and 24-hour Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Courses plus Alcohol and Drug Assessments.

If you find yourself in that “fine mess” and are facing that DUI charge, you first must accept the fact that you screwed up and show a willingness to follow any court orders to attend a DUI Class. Awesome DUI Schools in Altus OK can be reached by calling 580-318-1977.

DUI Schools Altus Ok
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