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Dui Assessments Altus Ok

Is there much of a difference between clinics that do DUI assessments in Altus OK? You bet there is. We offer ten- and twenty four-hour drug and alcohol assessments in a friendly, faith based private location. In Altus, call 580.318.1977. In Lawton, give us a call at 580.514.1886.

If you're a Christian and you're struggling with addiction, there are two books you need to read. Spend time in your Holy Bible, and find yourself a copy of Only One Way Out Addictions: Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling... The Christ Realignment Model by Dr Sherri Cone. Sherri is a fine author and the founder of The Awesome Dui Clinic, a non-profit clinic that offers DUI assessments in Altus, OK. Ms Cone is a certified alcohol and drug counselor and medical social worker. Dr. Jeff Moore, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Altus said, “Although there are many models of recovery out there, in my 21 years of experience, none of them hold a candle to the healing that Jesus Christ brings. Sherri offers a Christ based solution that has 2000 years of healing behind it.” Dr Sherri Cone focuses intervention that supports the Christ Realignment Model as outlined in her book.

The Awesome Dui Clinic offers ten- and twenty four- hour drug and DUI assessments in Altus OK. We are a Christian faith based private, non-profit clinic. If you've lost your drivers license, it is necessary to meet all statutory requirements before it can be reinstated. If you have been ordered to under a drug or alcohol assessment, please contact The Awesome Dui Clinic without delay. The sooner you do so, the sooner we can get that assessment done. The Awesome Dui Clinic is a faith-based facility that provides drug testing and DUI assessments. In Altus, call 580.318.1977. Find us at 1531 NW Gore in Lawton, Oklahoma and at 113 East Commerce in Altus, Oklahoma. In Lawton, give us a call at 580.514.1886. Dui Assessments Altus Ok
Awesome Dui Clinic
1531 W Gore Lawton, Ok 73501;113 E Commerce Altus, Ok, 73521

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