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Alcohol And Drug Assessments Altus Ok

It's not a lot of fun to be in a situation where you need alcohol and drug assessments in Altus OK. At least the state-set fees have gone down. If you were arrested prior to November of 2008, the cost is $175. If you were arrested after that time, the cost for an assessment is only $160.

Being charged with a DUI is not at all the same as getting ticketed for a traffic violation. If you are pulled over by an officer of the law, and the officer has any reason to believe you have been imbibing, he or she will ask you if you've been drinking. Honesty is always the best policy, and a truthful answer such as, "Yes, I had a glass of wine with dinner" can be enough to begin the typical side of the road sobriety assessment. In Oklahoma, this assessment will involve one or more SFST's or Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Walking a straight line, one foot in front of the other, turning around and walking back is a SFST typically required during a DUI or DWI traffic stop. If you are impaired enough to fail, you will most likely be arrested on the spot. Once you've sobered up, it will be time to start planning for a court date. With any luck, your lawyer may be able to bargain for alcohol and drug assessments in Altus OK in lieu of extended jail time.

If the judge orders you to attend alcohol and drug assessments in Altus OK, be sure to comply. If you're searching for a faith-based clinic that does drug testing in OK, please contact The Awesome Dui Clinic as soon as possible. We offer ten- and twenty four-hour Altus OK drug and alcohol assessments in a kind and friendly private location. In Altus, call 580.318.1977. In Lawton, dial 580.514.1886. Alcohol And Drug Assessments Altus Ok
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