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Dui Assessments Lawton Ok

If you have been ordered to under a drug or alcohol assessment, please contact The Awesome Dui Clinic without delay. The sooner you do so, the sooner we can get that assessment done and out of the way. We offer ten- and twenty four-hour drug and alcohol assessments. In Lawton, Oklahoma, please dial 580.514.1886.

If you read the reviews of Dr Sherri Cone's wonderful book, you will see what Senior Pastor Don Barnes of Lawton First Assembly Church had to say about it. He stated that “Sherri has captured the most important element for victory over addiction by bringing our lives in line with the example and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. In my countless conversations with people who struggle with addiction, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gambling, and other vices, the ones who find deliverance do so through the power of Christ working in and through them. Only One Way Out: The Christ Realignment Model is straightforward, readable, and a refreshing return to the power of Scripture, prayer, and faith in the battle against addiction." Read Sherri's book for yourself and come to the realization that 'self-help' is really a misnomer. Real help comes with surrender to God. If you come to The Awesome Dui Clinic for DUI assessments in Lawton OK or in Altus, you will learn survival skills that are relevant to your own life and to your life with the Lord.

If you have been ordered into drug testing OK, contact The Awesome Dui Clinic without further delay. The sooner you do so, the sooner you and Dr Sherri Cone can have an honest sit down conversation and begin to get to the roots of your problem. If substances are controlling your life or causing you personal and/or legal trouble, it's time to contact The Awesome Dui Clinic. If you have been ordered to undergo DUI assessments Lawton OK, contact Awesome Dui Clinic without further delay. Dui Assessments Lawton Ok
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